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About KVUC

Copenhagen Adult Education Centre

We are Copenhagen's largest and most flexible adult education centre.

We offer various educational opportunities for the many young adults in Copenhagen with different needs, plans and dreams for their future.


Education in the center of Copenhagen

In Denmark, adult education programmes are provided by Adult Education Centres. In Danish we call them VUCs - short for Voksenuddannelsescentre. Copenhagen's Adult Education Centre, KVUC, is one of the many VUCs spread geographically throughout the country.

KVUC is one of the larger VUCs in Denmark. We are based in two great buildings, situated 600 meters apart, in the center of downtown Copenhagen.

This location means that KVUC is a part of Copenhagen’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, with more than 10.000 students with different social, cultural and ethnical background participating in our programmes and courses every year.

Organisation and management

Since January 2007, KVUC - like every other VUC - has been a self-governing institution financed by the Danish state via taximeter funding. The Ministry of Education issues the legislative framework according to which the VUC’s work.

Each VUC is headed by a principal, who answers to a board. The board has the overall responsibility for running the institution and its activities, while the principal manages the day-to-day operations.

In addition to the Principal, the top management of KVUC is constituted by the Vice-principal and the Head of Ressources.


Studying at KVUC has meant, that I can go for my dream of reading psychology at the university. It's a step towards making my dream come true.

Martin, student at HF

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Our mission

A chance to start anew

KVUC's students are mostly adults, 18-30 years of age. Some need help to build a new basis, either to get back on the track of education or to enhance their position on the labour market. Others need to solidify or supplement their competences. What they all have in common is, that a chance to start a fresh is crucial for their future prospects.

KVUC's mission is to provide education that brings these students further in life. To accomplish this mission, we are continuously developing our system of programmes and courses as well as adopting new learning strategies.

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We offer

Accessible and flexible education

At KVUC, we have a great variety of programmes and courses available to our students. Many og KVUC's programmes are provided as both complete units, and as single-subject courses/exams, permitting students to piece together a full programme step-by-step.

Some programmes also offer a choice between regular classroom-based teaching and distance online-learning - or a combination. This allows students an opportunity to study in their own home, at their own pace, while taking advantage of full tutor support.

Focus on the individual

At KVUC study advisers assist students in designing their individual study schedules, so they match their different, backgrounds, wishes and needs.

Programmes and courses

KVUC has a wide selection of educational programmes. The five types of educational programmes are targeted people with different levels of education and different plans for their future.


Higher Preparatory Examination

HF is a programme of upper secondary education, and the target group includes young as well as mature adults – e.g. drop-outs from upper secondary schools. At KVUC we offer both individual HF courses and a complete HF exam. HF courses are both available as classroom-based teaching and online distance learning. A complete HF exam gives access to short, medium, as well as long-cycle higher education at universities or other institutions of higher education.

Read more about HF (in Danish)

General Adult Education

AVU is equivalent to lower secondary education. The target group of AVU is both young and mature adults, who never completed their lower secondary education or need to improve or supplement their basic skills. Certain completed AVU courses qualify the students for admission to continued education on a par with the school-leaving certificates obtained after finishing the Danish 'Folkeskole'. AVU courses are offered as both classroom-based teaching and online distance learning.

Read more about AVU (in Danish)

Supplementary examination courses

GS provides courses at upper secondary level specially designed for those, who need to supplement their upper secondary education with subjects/levels, required for admission to specific programmes of higher education.

Read more about GS (in Danish)

Preparatory education for adults

FVU provides courses in basic reading, writing, and mathematics. The purpose of FVU is to meet students’ individual needs to enhance their basic skills, and FVU courses can be combined with courses in any of the other programmes.

Read more about FVU (in Danish)

Special courses for dyslectics

OBU provides free special courses for dyslectic students, who need help writing and reading.
The courses are customized to fit their special needs, and the teachers are educated in dyslectic teaching.

Read more about OBU (in Danish)
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